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Have a drug or alcohol problem, but can not afford treatment?

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Friends of Prairie Sky Recovery Centre Sponsorship Inc.

Why do we need

Addiction is a growing pandemic in Saskatchewan and all across Canada.

One in five persons experience addictions and one in two families face addiction related problems in Canada. This is a scary fact that is changing the landscape in which we live.

With this growing pandemic comes the increased demand for private recovery centres such as Prairie Sky. Clearly, the demand on public facilities has outpaced their ability to provide adequate, effective help.

Affordable, effective private recovery facilities, such as Prairie Sky are the solution.

Wait times for help are on the rise and many people can't wait and face financial obstacles to attend private treatment. Often families are already financially stretched to the limit and are unable to help.

The Sponsorship program allows those who need funding to access the supports they need.


A Saskatchewan solution for a Saskatchewan problem supported by Saskatchewan people, right here at home.

We have been providing sponsorships and assisting those in need of help for the past 8 years.

Have a drug, alcohol or addiction problem but can't afford treatment? We can help.


Our sole purpose is to assist those suffering from Addictions and seeking Recovery by providing sponsorship to those facing financial obstacles to attend Prairie Sky Recovery Centre.

Who can

Those facing financial obstacles to attend Prairie Sky Recovery Centre are encouraged to apply for financial assistance.

Why should I

Many people have lost family and friends to the ravages of drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions. Financially contributing to the sponsorship is a viable and active action step to help promote change. Its saying "I care" and may leave a lasting personal or family legacy. See how your gift improves the lives of so many connected to Prairie Sky Recovery.

How does this

Recovery benefits everyone. Breaking the cycle of addiction and Recovery improves family life, community life, work productivity and morale, employment, team mates, friends and more.

Recovery builds and strengthens assets - personal, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational and health based. Living a recovery lifestyle builds healthier families and communities for today and future generations.

How can I

Contributing to the sponsorship is easy. You choose the amount of your gift or donation, be it a one-time gift, annual or monthly donation. These donations can be made by:

  • Email Interac Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque or Cash

Whatever avenue you find most convenient. All donations over $20.00 will receive a charitable tax receipt.


Prairie Sky Recovery Centre's unique approach to Recovery is client-centered, evidence-based, trauma-responsive and relationally structured. The programs are delivered by educated, skilled, empathetic, non-judgmental and caring staff, many with lived experience. Their safe and peaceful, quiet, structured setting allows for healing and recovery to begin. At the Centre you will find the fellowship of men and women who share their skills and experience, strengths and desire to assist each individual as they journey towards a life of sobriety and celebrating life in recovery every day.


Every person that walks through the doors of Prairie Sky Recover Centre becomes part of our story, and we become part of theirs. The following testimonials are from the clients we care for,the addicts we help, and also from the parents & family members that love them dearly and who support their sobriety long after they have left our retreat.

The people at Prairie Sky Recovery centre have helped my family to regain hope and purpose in a new way of life. These people are caring, and compassionate. They really go above and beyond to help everyone they see

Gina W.

How privileged are we to have center like Prairie Sky Recovery in rural Saskatchewan? Upon my willingness to understand my illness and the desire to heal my life, I attended PSR for a 5 week program in April/18 and my life has never been the same. It was here at PSR along with the supportive staff, counsellors and amazing friends going down the same path, that I was able to understand the disease of addiction and gain insight on mental wellness to start my road to recovery. I am grateful every day for the program that Prairie Sky Recovery offers. My life is full of hope, joy and love as I continue the journey of recovery with honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. I urge all those in need, to not waste one more day to find freedom and serenity in your life., 12/10/2018

It changed my life! I am forever thankful for the Family Recovery program! Thank you Prairie Sky and thank you Johann! You answered any questions we had and were easy to connect with. I have never been happier.. my family is whole again.

Cristina D

The FAMILY RECOVERY PROGRAM is a powerful program for family members to get educated on the addicts experience as well as deal with your own emotions and reactions. It should be a must for anyone that wants to support their loved one with their recovery journey and provide them with the validation that they are not alone. You are beside them on this road 100% and trying to understand what to expect. The program gives you tools to become positively empowered handling situations that make healthy relationships. You learn this is a forever change that can lead to wonderful results. Thank you Prairie Sky Recovery and Johann. Good Job

Nancy M

Very good and knowlegable staff. Very good program for alcoholics and addicts. Gets down to the core of the problem to help you live your best sober life. Great tool to help people live life sober on lifes terms, rather than their own terms. I would like to thank all the staff at Prairie Sky Recovery for this part of my journey.

Trevor P.


I attended Prairie Sky in January of this year. Today marks one year since my last drink after roughly 25 years of addiction. I realize I'm still an alcoholic, but I finally have it under control, something a year ago I did not think was possible. Truthfully, I thought I would die drunk and alone. But in a large part thanks to the people at Prairie Sky, that's no longer my reality. I can't believe how good life can be without alcohol. I don't want this to sound like a testimonial although it kind of is and does. I just wanted to thank everyone at Prairie Sky for what you have done for me. I'm living a real life now in large part because of you. Thank-you all so much. Have a great day. Terry S To Prairie Sky Recovery Centre My name is BC and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this program. I feel like I now know the direction my life is going. I was never given an opportunity nor did I want one as bad as I did before I came here. Everyone here has helped me in a special way that I will forever be grateful for Sincerely BC My boyfriend is the one who came to prairie sky's. Dropping him off as me and the kids left was one of the hardest things ever. Coming to visit every Sunday and leaving him behind week after week was so sad. But I started to notice something. Each week i came to visit there was more and more life to him. More smiles, a sense of calmness. What I seen happening to him was absolutely amazing. I never thought it to be possible. He's the same person but different. He's happy, calm, secure,proud, the guilt is gone. I've been with him 8 years and I've never seen him like this before. Prairie sky's not only saved a great person, it saved a whole family. It's only been a short time since he's been out but I can be thankful already for the changes that are taking place now. This place and the people in it are a miracle. Such great people here. Such a calming effect to the house. My boyfriend, me and the kids love this place and thank you From the bottom of our hearts. It feels like a home away from home.

Nikki V. Saskatchewan 2017





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